Sky: Children of the Light opens for Android pre-registration following iOS launch

Coming "soon" to Android and other platforms

Sky: Children of the Light

Las week, Journey developer Thatgamecompany released Sky: Children of the Light on iOS devices.

Now, the studio has opened up pre-registration for the adventure game on the Google Play Store. A specific release date has yet to be confirmed, although Thatgamecompany says Sky will come to both Android and other platforms “soon.”

In Sky, players explore a mysterious world to solve puzzles and discover new secrets. You can play through the entire game on your own, although Thatgamecompany says it’s best experienced through its online multiplayer mode.

In it, you can run into other players throughout the world and go about exploring together and gift items to one another.

Sky is free-to-download, although it features microtransactions to acquire more in-game currency.

Pre-register for Sky here.