1Password for Android updated with dark mode and improved Autofill


Starting with version ‘7.1.5,’ 1Password for Android will have dark mode and enhanced Autofill functionality that works in tandem with Android’s Autofill API.

Even better, 1Password’s dark mode now recognizes a system-wide dark mode on Android Q and automatically switches to the appropriate colour scheme. However, users can still choose to manually enable the darker colour palette in the app’s settings.

Android Police says 1Password could also “create new logins on the fly through Autofill.” To do this, users need to wait for the autofill mask to appear in the password field and then choose to create a new login for the account.

It’s a convenient design that makes creating new credentials easy and manageable.

The update is rolling out in the Google Play Store starting on July 22nd.

Source: Google Play Store Via: Android Police