Amazon files Canadian trademark for ‘Textract’ AI document processing service

The trademark could mean Textract will come to Canada soon

Amazon has filed to trademark its recently announced artificial intelligence (AI) service ‘Textract,’ hinting it may soon come to Canada.

For those unfamiliar with Textract, Amazon announced the service back in May. It detects different document formats and process information and data efficiently.

According to Amazon’s Machine Learning department, Textract can accurately extract text and structured data from nearly any document. Further, it requires no machine learning experience.

In other words, it doesn’t need human input to generate the structured data and information received from documents.

According to information listed on the Canadian Trademarks Database, Amazon filed the Textract trademark on June 24th, 2019. It was formalized on July 2nd.

Currently, Textract is only available in some U.S. states, including Ohio, North Virginia and Oregon, as well as in Ireland. Amazon says it will expand Textract to other regions in the coming year.

The trademark filing suggests Canada could be one of those “other regions.”

Source: Canadian Trademarks Database