Pokémon Masters mobile game expected to officially launch August 29

The Pokémon Company announced a preview version coming soon to Android users in Canada

Pokémon Masters mobile game

DeNA and the Pokémon Company have opened pre-registration for their new mobile game, Pokémon Masters. Pokémon fans can pre-register to play the game on the App Store. Pokémon Masters is expected to officially launch on August 29th.

The Pokemon Company also announced that Canadian fans will receive a preview version, without the need to preregister, on Android soon. And any progress the trainer makes in this limited-time preview version gets automatically transferred to the final build of the game. While Canadian Android users won’t be able to find the game on the Play Store, they can add it to their wishlist.

While future trainers wait for the mobile game to launch, the Official Pokémon Masters YouTube channel now features six more videos to teach trainers how to ‘tackle’ this new title.

The videos go over the battle mechanics, show off the main story and how to evolve Pokémon.

The title will also have basic Pokemon features like TMs, stats and Abilities — though Pokemon Masters calls abilities passive skills and they might not line up directly with the main game series.

Reportedly there will be 18 chapters to the story, however, DeNA will gradually add more. In addition, DeNA aims to update the game monthly.