You’ll soon be able to install Android on the Nintendo Switch

It looks like it might soon be possible to install a working version of Android on the Nintendo Switch.

Users over on the XDA Developers Forum have been able to get LineageOS, CyanogenMod’s successor, to run on the Nintendo Switch using source code called Switchroot. While the installation files aren’t yet publically available, those behind the project say they plan to release them soon.

What is even more interesting is the Nvidia Shield TV-based ROM powering the operating system runs off of an SD card. This means if you want to return the Switch to normal all you need to do is pop out the SD card. This also mitigates some of the danger of bricking your console that is typically associated with exploits like this.

While the installation includes multiple steps, it actually seems surprisingly simple at the outset, especially when compared to the complicated methods necessary to install custom firmware on other video game consoles.

It’s important to note that the Switch port of Android reportedly isn’t incredibly stable as it stands right now. Reported problems include touchscreen issues, auto-rotation not working accurately, charging not being detected and sleep mode not operating. The exploit also seems to only work on specific versions of the Switch.

Given Nintendo’s reluctance to bring retro titles to the Switch beyond classic NES games, I’d be interested in playing old school Nintendo 64 and GameCube titles on the Japanese gaming giant’s handheld.

That said, stable emulator support for Android running on the Switch is likely months away.

Image credit: XDA Developers Forum

Source: XDA Developers Forum, Reddit