Learn how to pinpoint waste for $52 with this 15-course Six Sigma bundle

An efficient company is a successful one, and the only way to achieve optimal efficiency is by eliminating waste. Wasted time and resources ultimately lead to wasted money, and by applying the Lean and Six Sigma methodologies, your team can identify and eliminate areas of waste, save money, and achieve a higher rate of productivity; this 15-course bundle can show you how for $52.11.

The Ultimate Six Sigma 15 Course Training Bundle features courses on how to apply both Lean and Six Sigma (and in some cases, both) methodologies to your team. If your team isn’t versed in Lean, the first 2 courses to tackle are Lean: Masterclass: Part 1 and 2, which will teach you how to improve organizational processes while eliminating waste. 

Conversely, Six Sigma reduces waste by focusing on creating the best possible results. New Six Sigma practitioners should read Six Sigma White Belt: Learn Six Sigma and Grow Your Potential, which will introduce you to the Seven Basic Tools of Quality; these graphics will help your team troubleshoot quality-related issues.

Lean and Six Sigma are both useful ways to help your company eliminate waste, and you can apply skills from either of these methodologies to achieve higher productivity. You can buy the Ultimate Six Sigma 15 Course Training Bundle here for $52.11 CAD [$39.99 USD].