TikTok owner ByteDance confirms it will release a new smartphone

Chinese social media company ByteDance has confirmed plans to produce a smartphone after securing a deal with device maker Smartisan Technology.

ByteDance is more famously known as the owner of TikTok, the social media video app that lets users create and share short lip-sync, comedy, and talent videos.

ByteDance told Reuters that the decision to make a smartphone as part of Smartisan’s development plans before it had secured a deal with the firm.

“The product was a continuation of earlier Smartisan plans, aiming to satisfy the needs of the old Smartisan user base,” the spokesperson said.

Reuters reported that Wu Dezhou, a former Smartisan executive, had been developing the phone for seven months now.

ByteDance had also been acquiring some patents from Smartisan, while several Smartisan employees were transferred to ByteDance, referring to the move as the “normal flow of talent,” according to an internal memo.

The Verge reported that the move for ByteDance was not surprising as it was considering entering into the messaging service industry and was also thinking of launching a music streaming service.

The publication said it was reported that the new phone would come pre-installed with these two new apps as well as TikTok.

Source: Reuters Via: The Verge