Apple hires Xbox co-creator and former Valve VR engineer

Apple has hired Nat Brown, one of the creators of the original Xbox and a former engineer at Valve.

In a Twitter thread, Brown confirmed that he began working at the Cupertino tech giant on July 29th.

In 2015, Brown started working at Valve’s VR division until he and several other employees were laid off earlier this year. However, he’s best known for being part of the group of Microsoft engineers that designed the original Xbox.

Brown also has experience as CTO of music downloading platform and vice president of technology for Myspace.

In his Twitter thread, he reflected on the fact that “a major thread of my career is an obsession with platform ecosystems and systems engineering.” He also noted that he’s “looking forward to continuing to work on my obsessions by focusing on all applications of graphics, and working with any of you using graphics on Apple platforms.”

That said, he didn’t mention what he’ll actually do at Apple.

Given his background in gaming, it’s possible that he’s helping to prepare Apple’s Arcade gaming subscription service. Apple Arcade is set to launch this fall and offer on-demand access to a catalogue of dozens of mobile games.

On the other hand, his experience at Valve in VR may see him working on other VR or AR reality efforts at Apple. While a report from earlier this month indicated that Apple has cancelled its long-gestating AR glasses, it’s possible the tech giant has plans for other products in this space.

Via: Variety