BlackBerry commits to BB10 beyond 2019, but Twitter drops support

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BlackBerry has confirmed that it will support BB10 and BBOS devices for at least the rest of the year.

In a press release, the company promised to provide “critical infrastructure and services for BB10 as well as network access for BBOS device beyond the end of 2019.”

This means BlackBerry device owners can expect support until at least the beginning of 2020, although it’s unclear how much longer the company’s commitment will extend beyond that.

However, BlackBerry confirmed that support for two services is being dropped as of August 1st.

Most notably, users will no longer be able to use or download the BBOS and BB10 Twitter apps. Instead, they’ll have to access Twitter through their devices’ mobile browser or use other social media platforms like Facebook.

According to BlackBerry, Twitter support is being dropped because the microblogging company is “shutting down services that enable [the BBOS and BB10] apps to function.”

Additionally, BlackBerry notes the third-party cloud service that supports BlackBerry Assistant’s “Full Assistance” functionality will also be turned off. The company says the third-party provider chose not to renew its partnership with BlackBerry.

As a result, BlackBerry Assistant “will continue to be available, albeit in a more limited function,” says BlackBerry. In other words, BlackBerry says users “will still be able to make calls, open apps, play music and search their device,” although more advanced voice assistant features will no longer be available.

Source: BlackBerry