Delve deep, steal loot and survive as long as you can in ‘Redungeon’ [Game of the Week]


When it comes to types of mobile games, it seems the roguelike is a rather popular choice among developers and gamers alike. With all the options out there, it can be essential to cut through the noise and find the outstanding ones.

In my experience, Redungeon is one of the better entrants into this category. From British game developer Nitrome, Redungeon is an excellent dungeon crawler that’ll have you dodging beasts and avoiding traps.

The controls are simple: you’ve got four directional arrows that let you move one space in any direction on the grid-like map. There are also swipe controls and an on-screen d-pad option recommended for tablets. I played on a smartphone, so I didn’t use the d-pad.

Of the other two options, I preferred the directional arrows, which felt more accurate than the swipe controls. And for this game, you’ll need accuracy.

In the early stages, you can take your time moving about the dungeon and plan your routes carefully to avoid traps and monsters. However, things get hectic quickly, and you’ll inevitably find your thumbs stomping on the buttons like a mini Dance Dance Revolution game. In those frantic moments, I found the directional controls more reliable than the swipe options.

Redungeon boasts endless, random dungeons that increase in difficulty as you progress through them. Plus, dungeons are full of elaborate traps designed to kill you and full of monsters designed to kill you

However, players can work to upgrade the characters or unlock new ones to play, which can give them an advantage in the dungeon. For example, the first playable character, a knight named Sir Gylard, can be upgraded to have armour, which lets him take a hit in the dungeon and keep going. It’s quite useful for stretching out the length of your runs.

Unlocks can be purchased with in-game currency collected by raiding the dungeons. Players can also buy the currency with real-world money if they so choose.

It’s also worth noting that the game features a fantastic pixel art style and incredibly smooth gameplay. Thanks to the randomization, each dungeon sports a unique layout and new traps to contend with. Overall, it’s a fun and addicting experience.

Redungeon is available for free on both iOS and Android. Ads support it, but you can pay a small fee to remove them: $5.49 on iOS and $4.59 on Android.