BlackBerry Intelligent Security uses AI to offer greater real-time protection on mobile


Waterloo-based BlackBerry has unveiled Intelligent Security, a platform that leverages artificial intelligence to protect mobile endpoints in real-time.

The company says BlackBerry Intelligent Security will constantly analyze geographic, biometric and behavioural factors to optimize security accordingly.

For example, BlackBerry says the platform can relax its security policies when it recognizes that you’re in a trusted space, such as an office.

However, when going to a higher-risk location, Intelligent Security will beef up its defenses accordingly and even adjust its policies to match the requirements to wherever you might be travelling. At the same time, Intelligent Security is capable of shutting down devices or applications if it detects an issue with them so they can’t be used for malicious purposes.

BlackBerry says Intelligent Security is built on the same Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) solutions that are currently being used current by thousands of its customers. Therefore, Intelligent Security can work with existing third-party infrastructure, rather than new, custom-built ones.

To that end, BlackBerry is inviting interested parties to use its contact page to learn more.

Source: BlackBerry