Nintendo Switch Lite now up for pre-order at Walmart Canada, EB Games and Amazon Canada

Nintendo Switch Lite

Walmart Canada, Amazon Canada and EB Games have officially opened up pre-orders for the Nintendo Switch Lite in Canada.

The Lite is a more affordable Nintendo Switch console that does away with the dock to cut the price. This means the system lacks TV connectivity and can only be played as a handheld device.

The Lite is also a bit smaller and features slightly longer battery life than the base model. A full breakdown of the differences between both Switch models can be found here.

The Lite can be pre-ordered in one of three colours — Yellow, Grey and Turquoise. All three colours are priced at $259.96 CAD and will launch on September 20th. Pokémon Shield and Sword-themed version will release in November alongside those two games, although the system isn’t yet up for pre-order.

Amazon Canada is also offering the Lite in all three colour option for $259.99 CAD.

EB Games is offering the yellow, grey and turquoise models of the Switch Lite for pre-order at $259.99. In addition, the retailer has a Zacian and Zamazenta Pokemon version for pre-order at $259.99.

Best Buy Canada and EB Games Canada simply offer customers the option to sign up to be notified when pre-orders go live. Meanwhile, The Source hasn’t posted them at all.

For context, the price of the standard Switch reverted to its launch price of $399 earlier this week, up from the $379 reduction it was marked at since last summer. On the flip-side, the standard Switch now has increased battery life.