Bell lowers cost of unlimited plans, offers $65 for 10GB plan in Quebec

Bell's unlimited plans now start at $75 10GB, $95 20GB and $125 50GB

bell 5G

Since Montreal-based national carrier Bell revamped its rate plan suite last month, the company has made some price adjustments. Now, some plans are as much as $10 or $20 cheaper, and there’s a new 50GB plan.

Ahead of the July 25th launch of Bell’s SmartPay and subsidized plan options, MobileSyrup reported on the planned changes based on internal documents. At the time, Bell launched refreshed unlimited plan options starting at $85 per month for 10GB, and $105 for 20GB.

Now, Bell reduced plan prices to match the competition and added a third plan option. Like Rogers’ Infinite plans and Telus’ Peace of Mind plans, Bell now offers $75 for 10GB, $95 for 20GB and $125 for 50GB unlimited plans.

As with other unlimited plan options, Bell’s plans offer a high-speed cap (the 10GB, 20GB or 50GB of data) followed by unlimited usage with speed reduced to a maximum of 512Kbps.

Bell’s shareable variants, which have data overages instead of unlimited usage, also have the price changes.

However, Quebec residents get even lower prices. Both the unlimited and overage plan variants are $10 cheaper than other regions at $65 for 10GB, $85 for 20GB and $115 for 50GB.

At the time of writing, Bell’s website didn’t reflect the pricing changes for unlimited plans in Quebec, but an internal document obtained by MobileSyrup confirmed the unlimited plans would see a price decrease.

The Quebec decrease is likely aimed to compete with Videotron and Rogers, which recently offered $61 for 15GB overage and $65 for 15GB unlimited plans respectively.