Google offering free Home Mini to ‘Google One’ subscribers

You'll still need to pay $5.99 for shipping

Google Home Mini

Google is emailing some Google One subscribers an offer for a free Google Home Mini.

Even if you haven’t received an email from the tech giant, just navigate to your Google One account to access the redemption code for a free Home Mini.

A screenshot of the email offer (seen below) sent to MobileSyrup by a reader lists the free Home Mini directly in-line. Alternatively, a coupon code can be applied during checkout in the Google Store.

The deal is available until August 30th, 2019, according to Google. Further, it’s only available to subscribers who signed up prior to July 29th, according to several MobileSyrup readers.

While I didn’t receive the free Google Home deal in my email inbox, I was able to navigate to my Google One account page and redeem the code. It’s worth noting that while the $79 CAD Google Home Mini is free, you’ll still need to shell of $5.99 for shipping.

Google One is the tech giant’s cloud storage platform. Storage tiers start at $2.79 for 100GB and go up to $3.99 for 200GB. Google offered a similar free Home Mini deal in specific countries back in June. Spotify also ran a similar free Google Home Mini for new and existing Canadian Premium tier subscribers in April.

While the Home Mini isn’t the best-sounding smart speaker out there, it’s a capable smart speaker thanks to its direct integration with Google Assistant.

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Update 08/13/2019: The story has been updated with information regarding the deal only being available to anyone who subscribed to Google One prior to July 29th.