OnePlus’ ‘Fnatic Mode’ easter egg unlocks hidden wallpapers

OnePlus’ latest phone, the 7 Pro, offers excellent specs and software features for gamers. One of the standout features, the ‘Fnatic Mode,’ includes secret style as well.

IndiaToday discovered three Fnatic-branded wallpapers hidden within the gaming mode that you can deck out your OnePlus device with.

For those unfamiliar with Fnatic Mode, it’s a tie-in with the titular U.K.-based esports team. It claims to boost performance in games and improves things compared to the gaming mode OnePlus offered before.

While Fnatic Mode is excellent on the 7 Pro with those top-tier specs, it’s also available on other OnePlus devices. That includes the OnePlus 5 and 5T, 6 and 6T, and the 7 (which isn’t available in Canada). The gaming mode works by blocking all incoming notifications, disabling the second SIM slot and re-allocating RAM to improve game performance.

To unlock the Fnatic wallpapers, open the device settings on your compatible OnePlus devices and head to Utilities, then Gaming Mode and then Fnatic Mode.

Then, tap the logo five times. You’ll see a textbox appear underneath the logo. Type “alwaysfnatic” into the textbox and press enter.

You’ll then be able to access the three new wallpapers in the device gallery.

Source: IndiaToday Via: 9to5Google