Instagram working to develop more ‘Boomerang’ and ‘Stories’ tools

It's unclear if the Layout function is coming to regular Instagram posts

Known leaker Jane Manchun Wong has shared a few upcoming features that are coming to Instagram stories.

The Instagram Stories camera is getting a handful of new functions, like new ‘Boomerang’ modes and ‘Layout’ for Stories.

Boomerang is a camera mode that plays a video clip and then plays it in reverse. Currently, there’s only one version of Boomerang, but in the leaked update Wong claims that there will be five new modes.

The modes are:

  • Hold, which pauses for a second at the end of each clip.
  • Dynamic, which wiggles slightly at the end of each loop.
  • Slowmo, this feature slows your clip down.
  • Duo, which is slower than classic, but not as slow as Slowmo.
  • Duo, a second Duo which suggests these are codenames. This function is slightly faster than a regular Boomerang.

The next big function that’s coming to Stories is Layouts. This function lets you organize photos in specific layouts. You can already do this with the Instagram Layout app, but it’s not built-into the Instagram app.

Wong says there will be six layout options built into the Stories feature.

Beyond the new features, Wong says that the Stories camera is about to get a facelift including new icons for ‘Layout,’ ‘Focus,’ ‘Music,’ ‘Stopmotion’ and ‘Superzoom.’

There are a few other smaller updates, and you can read about them on Wong’s blog here.

Source: Jane Manchun Wong