Manage your security, collaboration, and business goals with this $80 bundle

There are countless threats looming all over the web, from hackers vying for your personal info to viruses that threaten your devices. Unfortunately, most people don’t give their security a second thought, making them, their colleagues, and loved ones susceptible to online attacks. If you value your privacy and security, protect yourself on all fronts with this $79.92 KeepSolid Bundle.

The KeepSolid Bundle features 4 powerful tools that will make your internet security impenetrable. First and foremost is VPN Unlimited, which encrypts your traffic and sends it to KeepSolid’s worldwide servers, ensuring that your data remains private. VPN Unlimited works best alongside KeepSolid’s private browser, which uses AES-256 encryption to allow you to browse, bank, and shop on any website securely. 

If your job often requires important signatures, you can go totally paperless with KeepSolid Sign. This app allows you to create your own electronic signature as well as collect signatures from your colleagues. Your documents will also remain secure thanks to SSL and AES-256 encryption. 

Finally, this bundle includes KeepSolid Roadmap Planner as a bonus. This tool allows you to create an organized business development roadmap that allows your team to visualize it progress, prioritize tasks, and maximize productivity.

Internet security is no joke; if you’re looking for the best way to protect your devices and info, look no further than the KeepSolid Bundle, which is on sale for $79.92 CAD [$59.99 USD], or 90% off.

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The KeepSolid App Bundle Ft. VPN Unlimited – $59.99

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