Former Siri head leaves Apple, joins Microsoft to focus on AI

Microsoft has hired the former head of Apple’s Siri division, Bill Stasior.

The hire reflects Microsoft’s move into emerging technologies like artificial intelligence, according to CNBC.

Microsoft established its Artificial Intelligence and Research engineering group in 2016, and since then has focused on making several AI acquisitions to bring in more talent. That includes Bonsai, Lobe and Semantic Machines, the article indicated.

Stasior indicated his new job title by changing his resume on his personal website on August 19th. It now notes that he will be the corporate vice-president of technology in the office of the chief technology officer, Kevin Scott.

The news was first reported by The Information, a San Francisco-based publication.

A spokesperson for Microsoft confirmed the move and indicated that he will be “starting in August.”

“He will work to help align technology strategies across the company,” the spokesperson told CNBC.

Before leaving in May, Stasior was the vice-president for AI and Siri at Apple. He had been with the tech giant since 2012. Prior to his time at Apple, he was a top executive at Amazon and also worked at AltaVista and Oracle.

Source: CNBC