Google Duo getting low light mode to make video chats more enjoyable in the dark

Google Duo

Google Duo will get a low light mode next week that automatically compensates for the poor lighting in a video chat, according to an official blog post.

The low light mode also looks like a pure software approach that bumps up the brightness of the video feed, according to the simulated samples. However, the final results will vary depending on the hardware and back-end software specifications of the front-facing cameras.

The new feature will roll out to Google Duo for Android and iOS as a new option in the in-call controls.

Google notes that the new feature will help those who have significant challenges with electricity and not having proper lighting in their homes.

“Even when electricity is not an issue, many people just want to video call to say goodnight right before bed, keep each other company as they watch TV together or enjoy a quick chat while they’re outside in the evening,” Google said.

The company believes that the low light mode should more or less solve that issue.

Source: Google Blog