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Google makes its lightweight Google Go search app available worldwide

After two years of service in select regions, Google’s lightweight search app called Google Go is finally available globalyl in the Play Store.

Before the announcement, users in unsupported areas had to sideload the app to use it.

First and foremost, Google Go clocks in at just over 7MB.

For many Android phones in developing markets that have weak processors and small storage, Google Go’s tiny footprint makes it an ideal alternative to the full Google search app.

Besides being a featherweight in the world of Android apps, Google Go offers a ‘Lite mode’ that only shows basic web pages to save data.”

On top of this, the app received support for Google Lens and an AI-powered read-out-loud function.

However, there is another reason to try out Google Go: it has an adorable easter egg hidden behind the Discover page. Users can drag the entire page to the right to reveal the secret. As a tip, the easter egg might change after each attempt.

Source: Google