Apple TV+ users will reportedly be able to download TV shows and movies for offline viewing

Although, there are some restrictions on the number of shows

Apple TV 4K

Apple TV+ users will be able to download content in order to watch it offline, according to a new leak.

Code found in a recent version of macOS’ Catalina beta reads as follows according to MacRumors:

“You have reached your limit of [the preset number of] downloads.”

The publication found a few other lines of code that outline the rules surrounding the downloading and viewing process featured in the upcoming service. Reportedly, there will be restrictions regarding how many times a user can download a show, how many items total can be downloaded at a time and restrictions related to downloading the same show on multiple devices.

Apple is also implementing a rule to limit simultaneous streaming, according to the leak. It’s unclear if the Aplle will also restrict users to only one device at a time or if there will be options for more. In comparison, Netflix allows users to watch content on up to four devices simultaneously depending on the plan tier. Bell’s Crave, on the other hand, limits users to only two devices at the same time.

It seems likely Apple will implement the use of its ‘Family Sharing‘ functionality to make it possible for more than one user to watch content from a single Apple TV+ subscription.

Other Apple TV+ rumours claim the service will launch in November for approximately $9.99 CAD per month.

Source: MacRumors