OpenMedia seeks Canadian input on experiences with cellphone providers

ACT joins PIAC in boycotting CRTC hearing

Consumer advocacy group OpenMedia is asking Canadians to provide insight into their experiences with cellphone providers.

The group’s website includes a form for Canadians to answer several questions. The answers to the questions will be used as part of OpenMedia’s second intervention to the CRTC’s wireless market review.

“Enough is enough — Big Telecom has been gouging people in Canada for far too long and change is long overdue,” OpenMedia said on the webpage. “By providing robust data on people’s lived experiences we can convince the CRTC to set things straight!”

The Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) launched a review to examine the state of wireless services in the market in February this year and a hearing will take place on January 2020.

“It’s no secret that we’re paying way too much for too little — but knowing it isn’t enough. We need to show it. So OpenMedia is collecting the voices and experiences of people across the country to ensure that the CRTC has real data to counter the same old story we’ve been hearing from Big Telecom for years,” Marie Aspiazu, campaigner and communications specialist at OpenMedia, said in a statement to MobileSyrup.

“This is a golden opportunity to put the CRTC in touch with people’s reality — the current system is broken. It’s time to bring in more choice, more affordability, and ensure MVNOs are able to thrive.”

Questions on the form pertain to affordability (Are you able to find plans that meet your needs an affordable price? How much data would you like your cellphone plan to provide?), service (how satisfied are you with your current cellphone service?), and choice (have you ever experienced an unexpected price change in your cellphone plan without your consent or knowledge?).

A disclaimer at the bottom of the form indicates that “comments and information” taken will be “part of the public record for this proceeding including on the CRTC website.” OpenMedia assures that privacy will be protected.

Source: OpenMedia