Turn your flat photos into photorealistic HDR imagery for $13 with easyHDR

If you compare the stunning imagery shot by professional photographers to your own flat, pale images, you’re probably wondering what went wrong. Even if you have a high-end camera with an expensive lens, you’ll never be able to achieve the same results without editing your photos in post. Luckily, you can achieve photorealistic results easily for just $13.31 with easyHDR.

easyHDR is an app for Windows and Mac that allows you to create photos with high-dynamic range. It accomplishes this by merging several low-dynamic range photos in JPEG, JPEG2000, TIF, or RAW formats into a single HDR image. This creates an image that looks more like what you would see with your own eyes. Additionally, easyHDR corrects white balance while removing noise, ghosting, and dust particles from your final results. Finally, easyHDR lets you process many photos at once using its batch processing feature. 

Capturing a photo is only half the journey if you want to create vibrant, photorealistic imagery. easyHDR will guide you the rest of the way for just $13.31 CAD [$9.99 USD], or 74% off.

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easyHDR Image Processing Software v3.13 Home Plan – $9.99

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