Google’s Android 10 dessert name would have been ‘Queen Cake’

Dave Burke and Dan Sandler of Google’s Android team talk about Android 10 and why it got rid of dessert names in the latest episode of the All About Android podcast.

First and foremost, Burke, vice-president of engineering, confirmed that Google didn’t ditch the dessert names because they couldn’t think of one starting with Q. Google got rid of the desserts due to it was confusing to some people.

Burke then confirmed that Android Q actually would have been called Queen Cake. Queen Cake, short for Queen Elizabeth Cake is reportedly a dessert that I’ve never heard of.

Internally, Android 10 is called Quince Tart, another dessert I’ve never heard of.

Burke and Sandler also talked about gesture navigation. Gesture navigation with all of the OEMs doing their own thing was difficult for developers, which is why they pushed out their own.

The two-button Android Pie navigation was sort of “in-between” step. Whereas the Android 10 version of gesture navigation is full-fledged. Currently, third-party launchers are also working with Google’s gesture navigation.

And even without dessert names, Google will continue to make Android statues. Burke says Google will make statues and instead of desserts the company will “have some fun with them.” He mentioned the future Android 10 statue will allow people to sign it at the Mountain View campus, though didn’t mention if it’s open to everyone who goes there or just to staff.

Source: All About Android, Via: 9to5Google