Independent ISP FibreStream offering internet services at 5,000Mbps

Toronto-based internet service provider FibreStream is launching the first-ever 5,000Mbps residential internet package.

The provider was established in 2009 and “works exclusively with large condominium buildings to install its own private fibre network in each building and leverages economies of scale” to offer services.

So what exactly can you do with 5,000Mbps internet speeds?

FibreStream says you could download all seven seasons of Game of Thrones in less than 15 seconds, you could stream HD content on hundreds of devices at the same time, buffer-free, you could back up and restore devices to and from the cloud in seconds, and you can have ultra-low latency when playing games.

The company notes in a press release that the service can be “instantly activated remotely with no technician visit for previously wired units.” Those who are not pre-wired, FibreStream indicates it can offer “same day or next day installations.”

It’s worth adding that FibreStream services 60,000 condo units in Toronto, the Greater Toronto Area, and Ottawa. It intends to reach over 100,000 units next year with services going to Vancouver as well.

Pricing options for the service aren’t listed on the site, but FibreStream said in an email that the service costs $100 per month and is available for specific locations right now. More location availability is yet to come, the company said.

Other plans start at 50Mbps for $35 CAD per month.

Source: FibreStream