Pokémon Go ‘Adventure Sync’ 2.0 now live, notifies you of nearby monsters

Pokemon Go

Niantic has introduced a new version of its ‘Adventure Sync’ feature in Pokémon Go that helps players catch new monsters.

The original Adventure Sync feature allows you to hatch eggs based on how many steps you’d taken, even if you didn’t have the game open. Now, with the new ‘Adventure Sync: Nearby’ feature, Pokémon Go will send you push notifications to let you know when you’re close to a Pokémon.

Notably, this feature will only notify you of Pokémon you haven’t caught, so you don’t have to worry about having your phone pinged for every Pidgey or Zubat that you pass. Adventure Sync: Nearby, as well as Adventure Sync: Walking, can be turned on in Pokémon Go‘s ‘Settings.’

Adventure Sync: Nearby is now available to all Pokémon Go players on both Android and iOS. It’s worth noting that Generation 5 Pokémon are making their way to the game in September, so this feature will be particularly useful in the coming weeks.

Via: iMore