Ring, maker of smart doorbells, launches seven new smart lights in Canada

These outdoor weatherproof lights are meant to beef up your security

Amazon-owned Ring has launched a new array of outdoor smart lights and accessories in Canada to illuminate your yard.

The new lights are all geared to be placed outside with path lights, step lights and motion-sensing floodlights.

You can buy the new lights from a variety of retailers everywhere in Canada, except in Quebec.

The lights are also smart and can connect with your Ring doorbells and smart cameras. So for example when your floodlight goes off, your camera will start recording the area.

Ring’s press release describes the products as follows:

  • Ring Floodlight Wired ($99.99 CAD) – AC-powered, motion-activated smart light that mounts to a pre-existing electrical box and shines 2,000 lumens on high-traffic areas around the home.
  • Ring Bridge ($69.99 CAD) – Integrates all Ring Smart Lighting, Doorbells, and Cams – when one Ring Bridge-enabled device detects motion, it can activate all Ring devices, giving the Ring of Security endless combinations.
  • Ring Spotlight ($54.99 CAD) – Motion-activated, wire-free smart light that can be installed almost anywhere around the home, including above a garage, shed or porch.
  • Ring Pathlight ($39.99 CAD) – Motion-activated smart light that is installed along walkways, driveways and other high-traffic areas.
  • Ring Floodlight Battery ($69.99 CAD) – Wire-free, motion-activated smart light perfect for illuminating the driveway, yard, and walkways that features a combined 600 lumens and adjustable mounts and settings.
  • Ring Steplight ($34.99 CAD) – Motion-activated hands-free safety light that can illuminate stairs, decks and porches for brightened security where you need it most.
  • Ring Motion Sensor ($34.99 CAD) – Connects to your Ring Smart Lighting, Doorbells, and Cams to activate lights and video streaming whenever motion is detected.

Source: Ring