Uber intends to apply to operate in Metro Vancouver region

Uber has confirmed that it will be bringing its ride-hailing service to Metro Vancouver when it applies in September.

The Vancouver Sun reported that the company hopes to apply to the Passenger Transportation Board when the period to submit applications opens on September 3rd.

“We are very excited for the opportunity to provide ride-sharing services in Metro Vancouver,” Michael van Hemmen, head of Uber’s western Canada division, said to the Vancouver Sun.

“For years, British Columbians have been clear that they want access to the same safe, affordable, reliable service they’ve used all over the world. We’re optimistic that Uber will be here for the busy holiday season.”

The processing period of applications is said to take six to eight weeks, which means Uber will begin operating in late 2019, the article indicated.

It added that Uber intends to apply for Region 1, which is the Metro Vancouver, Fraser Valley, Squamish and Lillooet regions in British Columbia.

Regulations require drivers to hold a Class 4 commercial drivers’ licence and a specific type of insurance. Minimum charges for each ride will be similar to taxis, which is $3.25 to $3.95.

B.C. transportation minister Claire Trevena announced the legislation to bring in ride-hailing services into British Columbia in November 2018.

B.C.’s NDP government has been criticized for delaying this legislation since it was first announced as part of Premier John Horgan’s 2017 election pledge.

Vancouver is currently one of Canada’s largest cities that doesn’t have any legal ride-sharing options.

Meanwhile, Lyft, Uber’s competitor, recently announced its intention to operate in Vancouver and also appointed its first general manager for the location.

Source: The Vancouver Sun