Apple’s classic rainbow logo could be making a comeback: report

We'll believe it when we see it

iPhone XS

Apple’s iconic, classic rainbow logo could be making a return to the company’s devices in some way.

This rumour comes from a “well-connected” tipster that claims to have received the information from an employee that works at Apple’s Cupertino, California office, according to MacRumors.

It’s unclear what Apple products might feature the classic logo, but it’s likely going to make its way to a MacBook or Mac device given the design was first used in the Apple II computer back in 1997.

The logo was featured on a wide variety of Apple devices all the way up to roughly 1998 when the retro logo was phased out for the current monochrome design present on Apple’s products today.

There’s also a possibility Apple could be planning to release a limited-edition line of multiple devices, including the Mac, iPhone and iPad, featuring the logo, similar to its Product Red line.

MacRumors notes that the rumour could have no truth to it, but states that the information comes from a source that has “longstanding connections to both Apple and related industries.” The publication says that it has no other sources that have shared similar information.

It’s worth noting that Apple’s fall hardware event press invites feature a similar multicoloured, rainbow Apple logo.

While I’m not sure I’d like to see this design return to all Apple products, a special edition ‘Silver’ iPhone with a rear rainbow logo could look pretty cool.

Source: MacRumors