It looks like Apple’s Bluetooth tracking Tile competitor might actually exist: report

References to a Bluetooth tracking Tile-like accessory have been uncovered in an internal Apple build of iOS 13, according to MacRumors.

An image of the accessory shows off a circular device with an Apple logo in the centre. MacRumors says it’s unclear if this image of the tracker is its final design or just a placeholder of some sort.

That said, the photo looks very similar to other Bluetooth tracking devices and shares similarities with an image uncovered by 9to5mac’s Guilherme Rambo a few months ago.

Apple tracking tag

Internally at Apple, the Bluetooth tracking tag is known as  ‘B389.’ Code states that the device is used to”tag your everyday items with B389 and never lose them again.” The accessory will reportedly integrate into Apple’s ‘Find My iPhone’ and ‘Find My Friends’ apps, which will soon both be in a new ‘Find My’ app when iOS 13 launches publically in September.

Similar to Tile, the tracker will reportedly feature a ‘Lost Mode’ that utilizes nearby Apple devices to locate the tag. Users will also be able to set up ‘Safe Locations’ where notifications won’t go off if a tag is left behind.

There could also be ARKit-powered augmented reality features designed to help users locate lost objects, according to MacRumors’ report.

“Walk around several feet and move your iPhone up and down until a balloon comes into view,” reads a line of code, according to MacRumors.

Finally, it also looks like Apple’s trackers will feature removable batteries similar to Tile’s Mate and Pro.

There is no mention of Apple’s Bluetooth tracker in iOS 13’s developer or public beta. The internal iOS 13 build featuring mentions of the Bluetooth tracking device is from June. Apple could have plans to reveal its Bluetooth tracker project at its upcoming September 10th fall hardware event.

Image credit: MacRumors

Source: MacRumors