Rogers and Telus reveal September 3rd release date for Android 10

The OS is only listed as coming to Pixel devices so far

Rogers is usually pretty good at letting its customers know when phones are set to get the latest Android updates. Now, it turns out the carrier is maybe too good at this, since Rogers has revealed what is likely the release date for the next full version of Google’s mobile operating system, Android 10.

On the carrier’s OS upgrade schedule, Rogers lists every Pixel device as getting ‘Q OS’ on Tuesday, September 3rd. What’s a bit odd is that it’s still labelling Android 10 as Q OS.

Google revealed Android 10 is the full name of its next operating system on August 22nd. This means if you have a Pixel 1, Pixel 2, Pixel 3 or 3a, get ready for a new version of Android. Either way, this date seems to line up with previous leaks.

The operating system upgrade includes a new dark mode, more theme colours, gesture navigation and other new features.

Usually Essential phones get updated very shortly after Pixel devices, so the device is likely getting the new version of Android the same day as Pixel smartphones.

To get a feel for what Android 10 will be like, check out our coverage of the OS’ beta. 

Update: Telus is also reporting that Android 10 will be released to the masses on September 3rd. On its OS update schedule, all Pixel smartphones are poised for the update.

Source: Rogers, Telus
Via: 9to5Google