You can now add Spotify songs to your Facebook Story

It works like sharing to Instagram Stories, but Facebook includes an audio sample

Following in the footsteps of Instagram, you can now add songs directly from Spotify to your Facebook Story.

Facebook’s implementation of the feature is a bit different than how Instagram handles the functionality since it lets users listen to a 15-second sample of the song. Instagram, for example, doesn’t include a sample of the audio. This is a pretty exciting addition to the Story formula. There’s also a button to open the song in the Spotify app.

When you share playlists or albums, there’s no audio preview — just a link to the album or playlist.

To add a song to your story, all you need to do is open the share menu within Spotify and choose the ‘Facebook Stories’ option.

It will be interesting to see if Spotify brings the audio sample functionality to Instagram to align with the Facebook sharing option.

Source: Spotify