Apple launches free screen repair program for Apple Watch Series 2 and 3

Eligible aluminum Apple Watch Series 2 and 3 models can get free repairs for a cracked screen

Apple Watch Series 3

If you’ve got an aluminum Apple Watch Series 2 or Series 3, you may be eligible for a free repair if your watch screen cracks.

Apple launched a new screen replacement program for its smartwatch models after it determined a flaw in the Series 2 and Series 3 watches could, “under very rare circumstances,” form a crack along the rounded edge of the screen. The crack can start on one side and work its way around the edge of the screen.

The flaw only appears to affect the aluminum Series 2 and 3 Apple Watches, likely because the stainless steel models use sapphire glass, which is more durable.

Apple says that customers with an eligible Apple Watch model can have the screen replaced free of charge at an Apple retail store or an Apple Authorized Service Provider if it exhibits this kind of crack. Additionally, affected customers can contact Apple for a mail-in repair.

Apple Watch crack diagram

The program includes all aluminum Series 2 and 3 Apple Watches, with a full list available on the company’s support site.

It covers Series 2 and 3 watches for three years after the first retail sale of the unit, or one year from the start date of the program, whichever is longer.

You can learn more about the repair program on Apple’s website.

Source: Apple Via: MacRumors