Google could pay up to $200 million in fines for violating U.S. child privacy laws

Google has agreed to pay a Federal Trade Commission fine that could amount up to $200 million USD (about $266 million CAD) for allegedly violating the ‘Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act.’

According to a source with knowledge regarding the matter, Android Central reported that the fines relate to Google collecting personal information about minors without parental permission for use in targeted ads.

The source indicated that the FTC voted three to two along party lines to approve the settlement. The FTC investigation launched after a coalition of groups focused on privacy made several complaints concerning YouTube violating the act.

More recently, Facebook was forced to pay a similar $5 billion USD (about $6.6 billion CAD).

Android Central indicated that lawmakers in the U.S. have asked the FTC to have YouTube move children’s videos from the main page to its YouTube Kids platform.

YouTube also recently announced that it will soon launch a web platform for YouTube Kids.

Source: Android Central