FCC filings possibly showcase Pixel 4 series with Google’s Project Soli

Google has just filed four upcoming smartphones with the FCC that are likely linked to the Pixel 4 series.

Google recently filed phones with the model numbers — ‘G020I,’ ‘G020J,’ ‘G020MN,’ ‘G020PQ‘ — with the FCC and requested 5G band support. The company requested the band support due to Google’s Project Soli that works on the same millimetre wave technology, according to public research.

What’s peculiar, is that these model numbers are closely associated with the Pixel 3a lineup, which sport model numbers that range from G020A to G020H. It’s odd that Google would use the same model numbers for its new flagships.

Smartphone manufacturers like Google need to submit devices to the FCC before they can sell the devices in the United States. When a company submits the technology to the FCC, they must report which bands they intend for the device to use.

Source: FCC Via: 9to5Google