OnePlus 7 series gets Android Q beta filled with gesture navigation, dark mode and more

While it's not a full version, it's nice to see a semi-stable Android 10 on a OnePlus phone

The latest Android 10 build for the OnePlus 7 series of phones brings a variety of new features to the phone that we’ve seen on Pixel devices.

This means that a system-wide dark mode, Google’s new navigational gestures, a UI redesign and additional location permissions and more are readily available on the latest OnePlus device.

To get the update, you need to visit the OnePlus forum page on your OnePlus 7 and download the file named ‘OnePlus 7 Pro.’ Before you do this, be warned that this is a beta and that there are risks associated with this.

Once you download the file, go into your ‘Downloads’ and copy/paste the file onto your system’s storage. Now, if you go into the ‘System update’ and tap on the gear icon in the top right, then click ‘Local upgrade,’ you can install the file you just downloaded.

In our tests, we had to download the file twice for it to work, but once it did it offered us OnePlus’ take on Android 10.

What’s new in Android 10 one OnePlus

Immediately, you’ll notice that the bottom navigation bar is longer than what Google uses on the Pixel devices, but it works almost the same. You swipe up for home, up a little bit for recently opened apps and in from either side to go back. What’s missing is a way to trigger Google Assistant. While it looks like users should be able to pull up from either of the bottom corners to trigger it, in our tests, this doesn’t work.

One of the best new updates is a setting called ‘Customization.’ Once you’re in the new setting, you can choose wallpaper, theme accent colour, the ambient display clock style, the fingerprint scanner animation and something called the ‘Horizon Light,’ which lights up the edges of the screen when you receive a notification. You can also adjust your icon pack and the look of your quick settings toggles in this space.

OnePlus has updated its Ambient display with a new feature called ‘Smart Display’ that shows you intelligent information based on the time, your locations or event.

There’s also a new app called Game Space that houses all of the games on your phone. When you open the app it shows you all your games and makes it easy to launch them with one of the company’s two gaming modes, Gaming mode or Fnatic Mode.

There are several small changes as well, but these are the most significant. A lot of the features we rounded up in our Android 10 list this afternoon are also in the new OnePlus Beta.

Source: OnePlus