Android 10 will bring a new Google Pay card-switcher to the Power menu

When the feature goes live, users will be able to switch Google Pay cards by long-pressing the power button

Digital payment platforms like Apple Pay, Samsung Pay and Google Pay are incredibly useful and make purchases very convenient. But Android 10 is set to make Google Pay even more convenient by making it easier to switch cards.

If you use Google Pay at all, your collection of credit cards, loyalty cards, gift cards and other items has likely ballooned. If you need to switch between cards often, it can be annoying to open the app and change every time.

However, a feature that sought to improve the issue is coming to Android 10 after a brief appearance in the Android Q Beta.

According to XDA Developers, Google’s Android 10 website mentions a “quick wallet access” feature that will let users “quickly access [their] credit cards stored in Google Pay, boarding passes and emergency info through the Power menu.”

Unfortunately, the feature isn’t yet live on Android 10, but according to the webpage, it will eventually become accessible to all users.

It’s worth noting that the feature first appeared in Android Q Beta 4 and could be enabled using an ADB command. At the time, however, it didn’t work as it was missing a required app update.

That said, the Settings menu for the feature showed how the feature would look. Enabling ‘Show cards & passes’ moved the Power menu to the bottom of the screen, and added a scrollable carousel of cards to the top.

Hopefully, it isn’t too much longer until the feature starts rolling out to users.

Source: Google Via: XDA Developers