Montreal high school bans cellphone use, even outside of class

cellphone in classroom

A high school in Montreal’s West Island is cracking down hard on cellphone use.

Under its new policy, St. Thomas High School students are prohibited from cellphone use on its property, even during recess and lunch periods.

Instead, students are required to turn off their phones and keep them in their lockers during school hours.

If a student is caught using their phone three times, they will have it confiscated until a parent or guardian can pick it up at the end of the school day. In case of emergencies, St. Thomas says parents or guardians can contact the school administration to get in touch with their children.

The new policy was well-received among parents, the school’s governing board told CBC. 

However, the school’s policy is, notably, far stricter than those found at some other schools across Canada. In Quebec, school boards are still considering how to approach student cellphone use. For the moment, though, a spokesperson for Quebec’s Education Ministry told CBC that an outright ban goes against the broader goal of educating youth about the devices.

Meanwhile, the Government of Ontario is planning to ban cellphones during class starting in November, although it will allow these devices to be used during breaks. Further, devices may be used in special educational situations or with students who have unique educational or medical circumstances.

Source: CBC