Bird scooter sharing begins testing in Toronto’s Distillery District

The pilot project runs from September 5th to 15th

Bird, a dockless e-scooter sharing network that recently launched in Calgary, is running a pilot project in Toronto’s Distillery District.

While electric scooters are still illegal in Ontario pending a proposed five-year-long pilot project, they’re coming to the Distillery District since it’s privately owned.

The Toronto-based test runs from September 5th to 15th. Bird is geofencing the district so riders can’t leave the area with the company’s scooters. Lime is using a similar solution to keep its pilot project contained in Waterloo, Ontario. That said, some users have found ways to get around the digital fence. 

Scooter-sharing is taking its sweet time coming to Canada and so far is only available in Calgary, Edmonton, Waterloo and Montreal.