Google Assistant ‘Ambient Mode’ turns mobile devices into smart displays

Google Assistant panel

Google has revealed a new ‘Ambient Mode’ feature for Assistant that allows Android phones and tablets to function like a Nest Hub smart display when docked.

While in this state, these devices show notifications, weather, calendar info, reminders and music and smart home controls. Additionally, a slideshow plays using images from Google Photos.

This is similar to how Amazon’s Alexa has given tablets an Echo Show-like display functionality. It’s also not the first appearance of an Ambient Mode from Google. During the Android Q beta phase, the Pixel offered a similar ambient display when connected to the Pixel Stand.

That said, the new Ambient Mode will reach a far wider audience thanks to its integration with Google Assistant.

For now, though, Google hasn’t revealed images of the feature in action or confirmed when it will roll out to Android users.

Via: The Verge