Google Pixel 3a now supports dual-SIM in Canada

With the launch of Android 10 came an update for the Pixel 3a series, the phone now supports dual-SIM, even in Canada.

The Pixel 3a is the first Pixel to get the feature.

From the ‘Settings’ app, users select ‘Network & Internet’ then ‘Mobile Networks.’ Whether your physical SIM card is already in the device or if it doesn’t have a SIM in it, the phone asks “Don’t have a SIM card?” Tapping on this option starts the process of downloading an eSIM.

While most phones don’t have dual SIM support, it’s helpful for those who have a business line or leave the country often, as they can easily pop in a SIM card specifically for that country, but keep their personal SIM card downloaded to the device.

In Canada, we know that the Pixel 3a supports dual SIM technology. We can also confirm that Pixel 3a users on Bell and its sub-brands, Freedom Mobile and  Rogers and its sub-brands can use dual SIM technology. eSIM and dual-SIM technology are coming to Telus and its sub-brands later this year.