Ontario drivers can now use digital copies of their insurance on a phone

Ontario has made it a little easier to provide the cops with proof of your insurance

The Ontario government is looking to make it a little easier to show your auto insurance with the addition of digital cards.

This means that instead of the ‘Pink insurance card’ that’s been in rotation for years, drivers can now load a version of their insurance on their mobile device.

Drivers are still able to use the Pink card if they’d rather not go digital since this new rule is all about giving vehicle owners more choice.

Throughout the first year after this new change, insurance agencies will still need to provide their clients with a pink paper card at no cost.

This change came in response to the provincial government’s ‘Putting drivers first blueprint.’ 51,000 Ontarians gave input to the initiative, which has led to this change.

Two rules the government’s press release highlights are that drivers need to have their digital slip viewable regardless of poor service, smashed screens or dead batteries. It also notes that insurance rules outside of Ontario may be different and so drivers are cautioned to contact their insurance before they leave the province.

Source: The Government of Ontario