Huawei Mate X expected to be released sometime next month without Android

Huawei’s consumer president Richard Yu indicated that the Mate X is expected release next month, according to an interview with

Speaking at IFA 2019, Yu said that a spec bumped model with an upgraded processor “will follow shortly after.”

A recent report indicated that the $2,600 USD (about $3,400 CAD) foldable phone was expected to be delayed until November

In May, Huawei Canada’s Kevin Li told MobileSyrup that the company planned to delay the launch of the Mate X in Canada to ensure it could deliver a high-quality handset.

Huawei Canada has indicated that no news of the smartphone’s availability in Canada has been made yet.

Yu said that the phone has been through extensive testing and was also sent to app developers so apps can be created properly to fit the unfolding screen. He also added that the phone required testing of its 5G performance to ensure it will be compatible with network operators.

He also added to the publication that Huawei is ready to release a version of the phone with the latest Kirin 990 processor that was unveiled on September 6th. noted that it’s possible that Huawei will announce the final release date for the Mate X during the company’s Mate 30 launch event set to take place in the near future.

In a Nikkei report, the Mate X is expected to also not have any Google products and services. The publication indicated that because of this it is expected to contribute to a drop of more than 10 million units in smartphone sales for Huawei.

The news comes at a time when China and the U.S. face tense trade relations. U.S. President Donald Trump placed Huawei on a ban list, and in June loosened the rules slightly on companies that want to continue working with Huawei.

More recently though, as the two countries try to fix its trade issues, Trump said that Huawei was not up for discussion.

Source:, Nikkei

Update 06/09/19: The article has been updated with additional information regarding Canadian availability.