Lost item tracker Tile partners with Google for Assistant integration

Tile is cozying up to Google

Tile Sport

Tile, the current king of finding lost items, will soon work with Google Assistant.

This means that you can ask Google where your keys are, and if they’re attached to a Tile, the tiny tracker will start ringing so you can find them.

In case you don’t know, Tile is a little tracking device that utilizes a mesh network of people who use the Tile app to locate lost items. Basically, if you connect a tile to your keys or put one in your wallet, then you’ll be able to more easily locate the item if you happen to lose it.

Tile’s Google Assistant integration is set to launch later this year, according to TechCrunch

This partnership could mean a lot for Tile in the future. For example, it’s been rumoured for months that Apple is building its own rival device tracker.

If Apple’s Bluetooth tracker is real, the device will be the most significant competition Tile has ever faced.

That said, it’s likely that Apple’s tracking device will only work with iOS and macOS-based hardware.

Source: TechCrunch