Apple making it difficult to find Apple apps to help other developers: report

Apple executives say that the company has reworked the App Store algorithm to prevent its own apps from appearing in search results more than others.

In a new New York Times report, Phil Schiller and Eddy Cue said this would be the case when a user searches for something in the App Store.

“There’s nothing about the way we run search in the App Store that’s designed or intended to drive Apple’s downloads of our own apps,” Schiller said. “We’ll present results based on what we think the user wants.”

It was previously reported that search results in the App Store resulted in more Apple apps for common search terms. For example, if you were to search music, it would show Apple Music and up to seven other first-party apps that are in the first 10 spots. That would mean, again, for example, Apple’s apps like GarageBand, iTunes Remote, Music Memos, iTunes Store, iMovie, and even Clips would come up in the search.

Apple indicated that this happened because of a feature that would often show apps created by the same developer together. On July 12th, Apple indicated that it turned this feature off.

The Apple executives added that the algorithm works properly and that the reason it made it harder to find Apple apps is to help other developers.

Source: The New York Times Via: 9to5Mac