Google Assistant on Pixel 4 may let you do things while you’re placed on hold

A source familiar with the matter has indicated that Google Assistant on Google’s upcoming Pixel 4 device will be able to help you while you’re placed on hold.

A source told 9to5Google that this feature will make the phone experience better. How it works is simple; 9to5Google reports that when you’re on a phone call and you’re placed on hold, you’ll be able to tap a button on the display and let Google Assistant know you’re on hold. Assistant will allow you to take your attention away from the phone call and will inform you when an actual human is back on the call.

The details regarding exactly how this will work are not known yet, and 9to5Google indicated that the feature is still in its early days of development. This means that ‘Hold my Phone’ could change before it’s launched.

It is unlikely that this feature will be available on all Pixel 4 phones on day one, the source told 9to5Google.

Source: 9to5Google