Google Camera teardown reveals ‘audio zoom,’ ‘live HDR’ and more for Pixel 4

Pixel 4

A recent APK teardown of the Google Camera app version 6.3, discovered by XDA Developers’ senior member ‘cstark27,‘ reveals new information about the Pixel 4.

Reportedly the camera app revealed coding that suggested the phone will sport a ‘zoom-in microphone feature,’ called Audio Zoom. The zoom-in mic is a functionality that some devices already have including the Galaxy Note 10+. The feature helps with microphone issues during video recordings.

The APK also includes ‘Live HDR,’ which may reportedly apply HDR in the camera viewfinder in real-time. Additionally, it can retouch pictures in under 20 milliseconds. That’s if the company ends up using the ‘HDRNet‘ algorithm developed by MIT and Google researchers.

Next up are better wide-angle selfies.  Reportedly the phone will be able to take wide-angle selfies with a functionality called ‘Mesh Warp.’

Mesh Warp will use software to fix wide-angle distortion allowing both the background and foreground to look clear. So even though the Pixel 4 won’t sport two selfie cameras like the Pixel 3 XL, users will still be able to take wide-angle pictures.

The leak also included information about the Pixel 4’s Night Sight enhancements, however, a promotional video of the upcoming handset reveals details about the feature. Users will be able to take pictures of the starry sky with the device’s camera.

Source: XDA Developers