Here’s a look at Huawei’s Amber Sunrise P30 Pro [Gallery]

One of the best phone colours I've ever seen

Huawei P30 Pro Amber Sunrise

Huawei’s P30 Pro launched with several amazing colours, but that wasn’t enough for the Chinese phone maker. It’s released a new ‘Amber Sunrise’ colour that’s now available in Canada.

Huawei sent over one of its Amber P30 Pros for us to check out and, I have to say, it’s a phenomenal device. I had the opportunity to take it for a test drive as I haven’t used a Huawei device before. While I quite enjoyed it, the real focus here is the marvellous colour. For a full breakdown of the phone, check out MobileSyrup’s Dean Daley’s review.

The Amber colour is just in time for fall, sporting a brilliant red-orange hue. It’s super reflective and, depending on how the phone’s back catches the light, it shifts from a deep red to an almost yellow-orange.

While the P30 Pro doesn’t sport anything as fancy as the ‘S-Curve’ seen on some of the OnePlus phones, the tonal shift is still breathtaking, and the Amber is one of the best colours I’ve seen on a phone.

The colour almost has a textured look to it — not a feel, mind, as the back panel is still glass. The textured look adds to the depth of the colour.

Huawei wrapped the phone with metal edges that also sport a red-orange colour that shifts and changes depending on the light. The more reflective finish of the phone’s side makes the colour slightly different than that of the rest of the phone, but it still looks stunning.

All in all, the Amber Sunrise P30 Pro is an excellent looking device. If you were looking to pick up a P30 Pro already, you should definitely go for the Amber Sunrise.

To find out where you can get the Amber Sunrise, check out the MobileSyrup availability guide.