Huawei drops lawsuit against U.S. Commerce Department after returned equipment


Huawei has dropped a lawsuit against the U.S. Commerce Department and other U.S. government agencies after specific equipment was returned back to the China-based company.

The telecommunications equipment was seized in September 2017 and Huawei filed the suit in June, a statement from the company read.

U.S. officials took the specific equipment in Alaska as it was being sent back to China after testing in California.

Huawei said that returning the equipment “as a tacit admission that the seizure itself was unlawful and arbitrary.” The equipment included servers and Ethernet switches.

Huawei said in its statement that the U.S. government has indicated that no export licence was needed and did not give an indication as to why it held the equipment for two years.

This lawsuit that has been dropped is separate from the one that was filed in March against the U.S. That one is with respect to the fact that the government wanting a ban on the use of its products is unconstitutional.

Huawei and the U.S. have had a strained relationship for a while now. More recently, U.S. President Donald Trump placed the company on an Entity List that would ban it from working with any U.S.-based company. That ban was slightly lifted in June.

Source: Huawei Via: TechCrunch