iPhone 11 Pro models come with fast charger in the box

Sadly, only the iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max get the charger

Apple is finally bundling in a fast charger inside of the box with its new iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max.

The in-box charger is the 18-watt model that features USB-C. To clarify, the iPhone itself doesn’t feature a USB-C port, only the charger.

The cable that’s in the box features Apple’s Lightning connector on one end to plug into the iPhone and the other end has a USB-C plug that connects to the 18-watt charging brick.

Beyond a faster charger in the box, Apple promises that the new iPhone 11 Pros have much batter battery life than the iPhone XS, so it seems like Apple put a lot of care into improving batter life this time around.

While the charger doesn’t come with the iPhone 11, it would work with it if you wanted to buy one separately from Apple.